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925 Line 2, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario (Get Directions)

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At PondView, winemaking is a labour of love. Learn about our process and sample the results when you book a wine tour or tasting.

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Our current selection of wines represents a culmination of three generations of winemaking and grape growing passion and expertise.

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PondView Estate Winery, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Welcome to PondView Estate Winery, nestled in the heart of Niagara’s wine country.

Lou Puglisi, PondView Winery, Niagara

Our family-owned winery, located near historic Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario is grounded in the vision of proprietor Lou Puglisi and a grape-growing tradition handed down through three generations.

The European sensibility of our winery and the Niagara wine we produce is rooted in our Italian heritage, which is a big part of the PondView experience.

At PondView, wine is our passion and you are our family.

Whether you're on a tour of our Niagara Wine Region, live locally or are looking for a special experience for your next party or corporate event, we welcome you to PondView!

Wine of the Month

Lot 74 White

Pondview’s Lot 74 White is an elegant blend with a fresh finish.

We wanted to create a fresh, crisp and easy drinking wine that would be fun and exciting.

Tasting Notes:

This lively wine brings forward crisp green apples, tropical fruit, mango and tangerine on the nose then dances onto the palate with these fun and fresh flavours balanced perfectly with a crisp, clean finish. 

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Our wine of the month all month of August

Additional Information:

SIZE : 750mL  |  VARIETAL : Chardonnay, Riesling, Gewurtztraminer | DRY: Off Dry

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What's New at PondView?
Pondview Harvest 2016

Pondview Harvest 2016

Posted Aug 23rd, 2016 in General

Summer Might be Ending, but the Fun is Just Beginning at PondView!

Although it's sad to see the longer days of sunshine coming to an end, our PondView family is getting excited as we have turned into high gear preparing for our 2016 Harvest!

There is no better time than fall to experience wine country. The kids are back in school, the weather is beautiful, and the region is buzzing with activity within the town, vineyards, and wineries!


We strive for bigger flavours in our wines at PondView. Our proprietor, Lou Puglisi, is a grape grower first. When you visit in the fall,you will be lucky to catch sight of him in the winery, as he is spending his time in the vineyards bringing in the harvest and making sure we are growing the best quality grapes.

During the summer months, our farmers work just as hard in the vineyard as they do in the fall. Throughout the season, they are out in vines trimming back any extra growth and canes that are growing from the primary branch. Leaving just one cane with bunches of grapes allows for energy and nutrients to go into the fruit; although this decreases the quantity of grapes we may harvest, it creates a bigger flavour! We leave the canes that we have clipped off on the ground surrounding the bottoms of the vines, this acts as a natural fertilizer as it returns the nutrients into the soil and back into the vines. This process is called "The Green Harvest."

Come the fall, we leave our grapes on longer than most of the other vineyards in this area. We risk leaving our reds on the vines, right until the end of November. Although we will get a smaller yield, the extra weeks of sunshine and growth will give the grapes more time to ripen and flourish - giving us those big, bold, fruit flavours. The grapes are then handpicked and hand sorted, and only the best grapes become our fine wines.


This is the part of the year that you will find the most passion in wine country! Our Vineyard Manager, Jake Bartch, and his team are excited to see the quality of grapes they have nurtured throughout the spring, summer and early fall. Our head winemaker, Fred Di Profio, and the assistant winemakers are excited to try new recipes and make new vintages of the same great wines we are known for.

This is the time of year that our front end staff is most excited! Stories of our own experiences with our delicious wines really come through this time of year as we welcome guests from near and far. This year, we decided we wanted to invite even more guests to come listen to our Niagara Wine Country stories and create their own.

Join us on September 17th, from 12:00pm -7:00pm as we celebrate the 2016 Harvest. Carly Manley and Sandy Vine and the Midnights will be here to entertain us, we will be having a marketplace that will showcase some of Niagara's local artisans, and a variety of delicious food that includes a Pig Roast, Gourmet Grilled Cheese, and other delicious options!

Admission is free, but we recommend you pre-order your food and wine package online to skip the line!

Click Here to Pre-Order Your Food and Wine Package!

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Pondview's Premium VIP Tasting Experience

Pondview's Premium VIP Tasting Experience

Posted Jun 28th, 2016 in General, Events

Be one of the first to experience our Premium VIP tasting experience!

Just in time for the summer, we will be opening our doors to the cellar for a Premium VIP tasting. This gives visitors a chance to try up to 5 of our Bella Terra Premium Reserves amongst out barrels! Be one of the first to join us for this enjoyable atmospheric experience on July 2, 2016.

Guests will be welcomed by our host, who will be bringing them through an educational and intimate tasting of Pondview’s Premium Bella Terra Wines. Guests will pair our wines with cheeses and marinated Italian Vegetables while learning about our rich history rooted in Sicily and Niagara, our grape growing and wine making practices, and what our future has in store.

Our host brings experience and an abundance of knowledge to the cellar that will make this moment memorable. Don’t have this fool you – our host's quick wit and charm will make any learning experience fun, and the expertise will have you enjoy our Premium Bella Terra wines like you never have before. If you have any special occasions coming up, our host can recommend a dinner dish for any palate that pairs deliciously with your favourite Bella Terra wine. Visitors will leave this tasting with new favourite wines, newly acquired wine knowledge, and stories about Niagara wine country that are worth telling!

As the tasting is in the cellar, please bring a light jacket or sweater as it is cold even in the hot, summer months.

The premium tasting will be offered on Saturdays only at 1:30pm and 3:30pm and reservations are required. Entry cost is $25.00 or $10.00 for Wine Club Members. 
Click here to reserve your spot or call the winery at (905) 468-0777.

VIP Premium Tasting Reservations

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