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2020 Bella Terra Cabernet Franc

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SILVER, All Canadian Wine Championship (2023).

Carl's Wine Club: 94pts "The texture of this wine is absolutely incredible: soft, smooth, creamy, and feels like satin in my mouth. Very unique and special, just like the 2020 vintage conditions. The nose offers black cherry, red currant, raspberry, dark chocolate and roasted red pepper. The palate is rich, suave, long and complex and displays some of the very best attributes of the Cab Franc grape varietal: dark cherry, blackberry, red plum, black forest cake and chili pepper. The tannins are luxurious and velvety at the highest level, leading to a never-ending finish. Of the three new 2020 releases, this one is by far the most approachable and ready to drink. A 30min decanting is suggested."

Tasting Notes: 

This 2020 Cabernet Franc presents itself with a deep, vibrant ruby red colour, showcasing its youthfulness and richness. The nose reveals inviting notes of ripe black cherry and tangy red currant, accompanied by the delicate sweetness of raspberry. These bright fruit aromas are elegantly intertwined with the richness of dark chocolate. A subtle hint of roasted red pepper adds a touch of intrigue and depth to the profile.  

As this wine reaches your palate, it unveils a symphony of flavours. The forefront showcases the dark, luscious essence of cherry, entwined with the juicy intensity of blackberry. These flavours seamlessly give way to the succulent notes of red plum, adding a delightful balance. The indulgent essence of black forest cake emerges, bringing layers of rich chocolate and hints of dark fruits, enhancing the wine's opulence. Towards the finish, a gentle kick of chili pepper surfaces, providing a subtle spicy warmth that adds complexity and depth to the tasting experience. 

The tannins of this Cabernet Franc are luxurious and velvety, showcasing the highest level of refinement. They glide across the palate, offering a silky and smooth texture that enhances the wine's overall elegance. The finish is never-ending, as the flavours linger long after each sip, leaving a lasting impression of the wine's exquisite character.  

Food Pairing: To complement the rich and diverse flavour profile of this 2020 Cabernet Franc, a superb food pairing option would be a grilled flank steak with a blackberry-chili glaze. The robust and juicy steak, enhanced by the fruity and spicy glaze, harmonizes beautifully with the wine's dark cherry, blackberry, and chili pepper flavours.

Wine Information:

Alcohol: 14.9%

Residual Sugar: 3.0g

Appellation: Four Mile Creek


2020 Bella Terra Cabernet Franc
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