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2020 Bella Terra Meritage

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SILVER, Wine Align Wine Awards (2023).

SILVER, Decanter Wine Awards (2023).

Tasting Notes:

The 2020 Meritage is an elegant wine that showcases a beautiful blend of flavours and aromas. On the nose, it entices with captivating notes of plums, offering a burst of ripe and juicy fruit aromas. These fruity characteristics are complemented by the presence of spices such as cardamom and white pepper, adding depth and complexity to the overall aromatic profile. As the wine graces the palate, flavours of ripe fruits take centre stage, with black currants, dark plums, and figs dancing on the taste buds. These luscious fruit flavours are intertwined with a touch of spice, creating a harmonious and balanced flavour profile. The wine concludes with an elegant and velvety finish, leaving a lasting impression. 

Food Pairing: To complement the flavour profile of this refreshing Meritage, a perfect food pairing option would be a grilled rib-eye steak with a red wine reduction. The richness and tenderness of the steak harmonize beautifully with the wine's ripe fruit flavours and elegant finish. 

Wine Information:

Appellation: Four Mile Creek

Alcohol: 14.9%

Residual Sugar: 3.0g/L


2020 Bella Terra Meritage
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