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2020 Bella Terra Merlot

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SILVER, Ontario Wine Awards (2023).

SILVER, Wine Align Wine Awards (2023).

Tasting Notes:

The 2020 Merlot presents a deep garnet colour, indicating its youthfulness and vibrancy. The nose reveals prominent notes of ripe plums, offering a delightful tanginess. These fruity aromas are accompanied by the intriguing essence of bay leaf, adding a touch of herbal freshness and complexity.  

As the wine caresses the palate, it reveals a harmonious fusion of flavours that unfold with elegance and balance. The forefront showcases the juicy essence of black cherry, offering a burst of ripe and succulent fruit flavours. These flavours are complemented by the luscious notes of blackberries, adding depth and complexity to the wine's profile. The presence of cacao further enhances the tasting experience, contributing a velvety richness and a touch of bittersweetness.  

This Merlot boasts polished tannins that lend a smooth and refined texture to the wine. These tannins provide structure without overwhelming the palate, enhancing the overall drinking experience. The wine also exhibits a well-balanced acidity, which adds liveliness, harmonizing with the flavours and contributing to the wine's overall balance.   

Food Pairing: To complement the flavour profile of the 2020 Merlot, a wonderful food pairing option would be roasted duck breast with a plum reduction. The rich and succulent duck meat, enhanced by the sweet and tangy plum reduction, harmonizes beautifully with the wine's plum notes.

Wine Information:

Appellation: Four Mile Creek

Alcohol: 14.9%

Residual Sugar: 2.7g/l

2020 Bella Terra Merlot
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