2018 Bella Terra "Calm the Franc Down!" (Wine Club Member Exclusive)

2018 Bella Terra "Calm the Franc Down!" (Wine Club Member Exclusive)

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This year, our team decided that we needed to craft a wine that commemorated this whirlwind of a year and got to work on a rich assemblage of some of the top barrels of the 2018 vintage. Our winemaker, Fred DiProfio, and his team made this exclusive wine all the more special by adding some of our limited production Cabernet Appassimento to this already juicy blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Malbec.

 When it came to naming this creation, there was really only one option: “Calm the Franc Down!” (Great name, right? We thought so too!) But, of course, like with most things in 2020, the naming process did not go as smoothly as we had hoped. We had to submit this name for approval from the VQA and while this wine was made to meet all VQA regulations and was 100% sourced from our Bella Terra Vineyards, a last-minute turn of events resulted in us being told we were not allowed to display the VQA designation on the labels - even after we had all the labels printed! Why would such a great wine be turned down by the VQA, you ask? It was simply the name, as the wine does not contain a majority of Cabernet Franc. Tough break!

Now here is our dilemma: we have a fantastic, limited production wine that we can’t wait to share with our Wine Club Members, but we’ve got these VQA designations on each bottle that unfortunately have to go. So, rather than letting us have all the fun, we’ve included a black marker in your order so you can join us in striking out the ones we might have missed. We want you to have fun with it! Scribble to your heart’s content! Use it as an exercise of self-care and let out your 2020 frustrations on the bottle! Go nuts, and send us a picture if it’s a masterpiece! 

We hope you enjoy what our team has created for you and encourage you to open a bottle to treat yourself, your family and friends when you need a moment to Calm the Franc Down! We may have opened a few bottles already. ;)

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