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2019 & 2020 Wild Ferment Riesling Duo-Pack (Member Exclusive)

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Enjoy this member exclusive tasting pack including one bottle of our library vintage of our Wild Ferment Riesling and one bottle of our new release! 

2019 Tasting Notes: Our 2019 Wild Ferment Riesling is a fresh take on an old favourite, and it is also a beautiful expression of our terroir. The spontaneous (or wild) fermentation was induced by natural wild yeast from our Bella Terra Vineyards, which brings out the many exciting layers in this white wine. 

Critical Acclaim: 90 Points - Michaela Morris (Decanter Magazine)

Aromas of lime zest, beeswax, and green apple prepare you for the rich acidity and mineral notes of this Four Mile Creek Riesling. With notes of pineapple and jasmine lingering through its dry finish, this wine is complex yet approachable. 

2019 Wine Information:
Appellation: Four Mile Creek | Alcohol: 12.5% | Residual Sugar: 3.4 g/L

2020 Tasting Notes: The 2020 Wild Ferment Riesling is a captivating and unique wine that offers a delightful array of aromas and flavours. On the nose, it entices with refreshing notes of lemon zest, accompanied by hints of honeycomb and orange blossom. These fragrances set the stage for a remarkable tasting experience. On the palate, this Riesling showcases its bone-dry nature and bright acidity, providing a clean and invigorating mouthfeel. The flavours of green apple and lilac floral notes take centre stage, offering a burst of crisp and delicate fruitiness. The wine concludes with a fresh pineapple mineral finish, leaving a long and extended finish that lingers on the palate.

Critical Acclaim: GOLD, Wine Align Award Winner (2023).

2020 Wine Information:
Appellation: Niagara-on-the-Lake | Alcohol: 12.0% | Residual Sugar: 6.8 g/L

2019 & 2020 Wild Ferment Riesling Duo-Pack (Member Exclusive)
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