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Battling Against Counterfeiters

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Battling Against Counterfeiters

PondView to use Prooftag labels to assure customers they are getting VQA Icewine

NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE, Ont. (May 18, 2016) — PondView Estate Winery is taking proactive measures to combat Icewine counterfeiting in Asia.

The award-winning producer of Ontario VQA wines and Icewines will apply Prooftag Bubble Seal™ to every bottle of the uniquely Canadian sweet dessert wine it makes, especially those designated to be exported to the lucrative Chinese market. Among the first vintages to get a Prooftag Bubble Seal™ will be PondView’s 2014 Vidal Icewine, which was named the Best Sweet Wine in North America by the prestigious Decanter Asia Wine Awards and won a gold medal at the China Wine & Spirit Awards, and its 2014 Cabernet Franc Icewine, recently awarded a silver at the International Wine & Spirit Competition.

“Counterfeit Icewine is a growing problem in in China that cheats not only Canadian wineries but also Chinese consumers who are being duped into buying an inferior product,” says Marcel Morgenstern, director of sales at PondView. “We want to give assurances to all of our customers that a bottle of PondView Icewine is made with 100% Niagara grapes, harvested in -8°C temperatures and pressed frozen to capture the concentrated flavour and sweetness that makes Canadian Icewine so popular worldwide.”

Recent estimates indicate as much as half of the Icewine sold in China is not, in fact, Icewine at all but rather a sugary cocktail that may not even contain any kind of wine. Or counterfeiters will freeze grapes after they have been picked, which is nowhere near the VQA standard of letting the grapes freeze on the vine where the flavours become much more concentrated.

A Prooftag Bubble Seal™ is essentially a secure, visible fingerprint that ensures a product’s authenticity against counterfeiting or tampering. A serialized datamatrix or QR code based on what Prooftag calls Chaosmetric Technology enables consumers to trace their chosen bottle of Icewine and confirm that the sweet liquid within is precisely what is advertised on the outside.

“Bubble Seal™ allows consumers to check the origin of each bottle and to access all relevant information either online or via their mobile phone,” says Franck Bourrières, Director of Sales and Marketing at Prooftag. “This guarantees the quality, traceability and authenticity to the customer. The protection technology encompasses a personalized seal placed on the capsule of the bottle and guarantees that the bottle has not yet been opened.”

Prooftag is being used by world renowned wineries such as Chateau Margaux, Lafite and Chateau Palmer to protect the integrity of their wines.

About PondView Estate Winery:

Drawing on more than three generations of winemaking experience, PondView Estate Winery is one of the newest additions to the Four Mile Creek appellation in the heart of Niagara’s wine country. Family owned by Luciano and Adriana Puglisi, PondView crafts exceptional Ontario VQA wines rooted in an Italian heritage. Luciano’s enthusiasm and respect for the winemaking process, alongside his dedication and commitment to excellence, earned him the prestigious title of Grape King in 2008, awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture to the finest vineyard operator in Ontario. The secret to the success of PondView Estate Winery is the long-held belief of the Puglisi family: Great wine is a harmony of earth and vine.

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