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925 Line 2, R.R. 2, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario (Directions)

My Niagara Wine Club

My Niagara Wine Club delivers a quintessential Niagara wine region experience, featuring a great sampling of wonderful wines from quality family-owned Niagara wineries.

This unique Wine Club allows you to enjoy a wide variety of the delicious wines our fine region has to offer, at a great price.

With your membership, you will receive 4 different Niagara wines, every 2 months.

Each shipment you receive will include 4 wines chosen to suit a special theme, based on the time of year.


Celebrate the tastes of Niagara, sent directly to your door. 

My Niagara Wine Club is a great way to try new wines you might otherwise not get a chance to sample!

Your credit card will be charged $115* at the time of each shipment. Shipments go out every 2 months.
(6 shipments per year)

* Taxes are included in both wine and shipping costs.



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