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925 Line 2, R.R. 2, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario (Directions)

Vidal Select Late Harvest 375ml
维戴尔精选晚收葡萄酒 375ml

12 bottles (375ml) of Vidal Select Late Harvest.
12 瓶 (375ml)维戴尔精选晚收葡萄酒

All of the flavours and aromas of the Vidal Icewine carry through, but in a less intense style. Though slightly drier than a typical icewine, and featuring a crisp acidity, the flavour of this unique icewine lingers for a long and delicate finish.

Additional Information:
SIZE: 375 mL | VARIETAL: Vidal | DRY: Sweet

规格:375ml | 葡萄品种:维戴尔 | 含糖量:甜型



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